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What is “Soft Washing” ?

To keep it simple, a Soft Wash relies on the “cleaning solution” to do the cleaning, not “water pressure”. Soft Washing is not power washing. This is using low pressure to apply a cleaning solution to remove mold, mildew, algae, moss & airborne contaminants such as road grime and sea breeze (salt & sand). After the solution does it’s job, it is gently washed off using special Soft Wash pressure washing nozzles. This is the safest and most thorough cleaning method available today.

Can you “wash my house” when it’s raining?

When washing houses, yes we can still work as long as it is not pouring rain. It’s actually helpful to wash the house when its sprinkling because we don’t have to pre spray the plants prior to pre-spraying the house with our cleaning solution.

Can you “clean my windows” if it’s raining?

Generally if it is sprinkling, we can still clean windows. We get the windows wet when we scrubbed them anyways. The main issue would be wiping the edges of the window dry with a towel. If it is raining, we keep the towels dry in our pockets in between uses. Rain water does not dry spotty like hose water so its generally not a big deal to have the windows rained on immediately after we clean them. Only if your house is filthy then the dirt from the house could potentially drip onto the window. This is why it’s a good reason to have your house washed and windows cleaned in the same day because your windows will stay cleaner longer.