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Maximize Curb Appeal – We all enjoy looking at beautiful homes. One of the easiest and inexpensive ways to maximize that charm, is to clean everything from the roof to the road utilizing Soft Washing Techniques

Nick Anselm grew up in Plymouth, Michigan. In high school he began working for his parents Commercial Cleaning Company taking a management role at the age of 16. Reflections Window CleaningThe first summer out of high school Nick started Reflections Window Cleaning with a friend through door to door selling and stuffing flyers underneath mailboxes to find work.

He put himself through College at Eastern Michigan University cleaning windows mainly in the Spring and Summer months to pay for tuition and books. In 2007, Nick moved to the south so that his business could operate year round. He added Soft Washing to Reflections list of services in 2011. Today Reflections services over 3500 homes and businesses every year in the Lowcountry.